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Da Vinci Spa Treatments

Da Vinci Spa Treatments

Da Vinci Spa Treatments

Why does the eye see a thing more clearly in dreams than the imagination when awake? Nestled comfortably in the luxurious Nelson Mandela Square, in the heart of affluent Sandton, The DaVinci Spa is a true escape for those seeking a piece of tranquillity. The spa offers an illustrious getaway from the day to day anxiety of urban living. Here, our experienced and renowned spa therapists will take you on a journey of sheer rejuvenation and relaxation.

The massage treatment and spa therapies that we offer are all personalised and made to suit your individual needs. We understand that all of our clients have different wants and requirements when it comes to their spa treatments and we will design the perfect therapy around this. Making our services bespoke and highly sought after.

DaVinci Spa Treatments and Massage Therapies:

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bullets Facial Therapies
bullets Massage Therapies
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bullets Mother to Be Therapies

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  • Facial Therapies
  • Sophisticated facial therapies coupled with innovative formulations that are solution focused with targeted results for all skin types.
    bullets Skin solutions facials: addressing specific skin conditions, the unique and potent formulations used will dynamically treat the skin with powerful results.
    bullets Skin specific facials: these professional facial therapies will nourish, revitalise and sooth while moisturising the skin.
    bullets Advanced performance facials: leading anti-ageing formulas based on cutting-edge technologies will target specific stages of the ageing process and help the skin’s natural radiance and vitality last longer.









    Skin Solutions Facials


    Advanced Biogen 60min R 650
    Perfect Combination 60min R 650
    Vita Balance 60min R 650


     Oily/Congested Skin  60min  R 600
     Combination Skin  60min  R 600
     Dry Skin  60min  R 600

    Skin Specific Facials


    Oxygen Energizing 90min R 850
    Complex C


    90min R 850
     Age Smart  75min  R 800
     Medibac  75min  R 800
     UltraCalming  75min  R 800

    Advance Performance Facials


    DR Babor Skin Renewal 60min R 850
    DR Babor Detoxifying Vitamin 75min R 950
    DR Babor Skin Purity 90min R 950


    BioSurface Peel  75min  R 850
    IonActive – Ageing/Brightening/Acne/
     75min  R 850
    Combination of BioSurface Peel and Ion Active  75min  R 950


    Add to your facial

    Sensational Eyes Add on R 200
    Specific Mask Add on R 300
    Ampoule Crash 1-5 Add on R 80-400
    Comfort Cream Mask R 150
    Firming Algae Peel Off Mask R 300
    Collagen Bio-Matrix Mask R 450
    Detox Clay Mask R 300
    Babor Fluids Each R 90
    Contour Mask R 300
    Exfoliation Boost R 150
    Eye Rescue/Relief R 200
    Lip Renewal R 200
    Hand Repair Treatment R 200
    BT Micro Boost R 250
    Lime & Ginger Salt Glow 45min R 650
    Thousand Flower Detox Wrap 60min R 990
    Cellutox Aroma Spa Ocean Wrap 75min R 890
    Targeted Toning Wrap 90min R 1 290

  • Body Therapies

    Full Body Exfoliation

    Customised aromatherapy salts are used to stimulate the skin, followed by a nourishing body cream. 30min R 350

    Scalp Treatment

    The power of touch and smell to nourish and restore. 30min R 290


    A heavenly warm mud treatment that offers an exotic and highly relaxing experience that is suitable for couples
    or a group of friends.
    45min R 450  p.p

    Customised Body Wrap (incl. exfoliation)

    Choose between detoxifying, firming and hydrating body wraps. All body wraps include a full body exfoliation followed by a nourishing body cream. 60min R 490


    The age-old tradition of pressure point stimulation. 45min R 550

    Back Cleanse

    60min R 650

  • Massage Therapies
  • Back, Neck & Shoulder

    From the soles of your feet to the crown of your head, medium
    pressure, muscle relaxing massage that relieves the most common
    areas of tension.
    45min R 550

    Classic Swedish

    From the soles of your feet to the crown of your head, medium
    pressure, muscle relaxing massage that relieves the most common
    areas of tension.
    60min R 590
    90min R 690

    Deep Tissue Muscle Massage

    Alleviate high stress levels, ease aching muscles and revive the
    senses with this powerful deep tissue massage.
    60min R 690
    90min R 790

    Deeper Than Deep Muscle Massage

    Alleviate high stress levels, ease aching muscles and revive the
    senses with this powerful deeper than deep tissue massage.
    60min R 790
    90min R 890

    Aromatherapy Massage

    Let your thoughts drift away whilst you are massaged with
    aromatherapy oils. Combines the effects of touch and aroma to
    ease body and mind.
    60min R 690
    90min R 790

    Hot Stone Massage

    Deeply relaxes your mind and body, combining the effects of heat
    to relax and detoxify the entire body.
    60min R 690
    90min R 790

    Babor Spa Massage

    Deeply relaxes your mind and body. 60min R 790
    90min R 890

  • Signature Therapies
  • Sea Creation

    With a combination of specially selected active ingredients from the depths of the ocean, this exclusive treatment leaves the skin incomparably smooth and firm, with a youthful appearance. A complete inner balance and a feeling of lightness while activating the body’s energy systems for radiant beauty. Allow your skin’s youth to be restored with immediate and long lasting results. 120min R 3 990


    Let your thoughts drift away whilst your body is lightly dry brushed, be cocooned in a comforting body wrap of rich South African Fynbos essential oils designed to rid the body of excess toxins. Bring balance to your crown with a scalp massage, complete your journey with a well-being massage to improve body performance and awaken your spirit with a gentle rain stick drizzle. 120min R 1 290

    Body Cellular

    This results-driven body treatment blasts away the challenges of body complaints such as cellulite, excess fatty deposits, dry skin and high stress levels. With instant results the problem areas are left smoothed, firmed, tightened and toned. Everyone dreams of the possibility of your clothes feeling looser, now is your chance to make that dream a reality. Compliment your dream with a Shiatsu and Hot Stone back massage to Relax, De-stress, and Revive. 90min R 990

    Mother To Be

    Pregnancy Therapy, the nine-month journey of nurturing is a special time. Connecting with the mother through the power of touch and working with two heartbeats as one. Specialised positioning on our unique beanbag is used to ensure the ultimate in comfort and relaxation. 90min R 990

  • Services

  • We offer a complete range of services including
    Classic manicure and Classic pedicure
    Deluxe Manicure and Deluxe Pedicure
    Nail Enhancers, Gel or Acrylic
    Eyebrow and Eyelash Grooming

    Classic manicure 60min R 290
    Deluxe manicure 75min R 350
    Classic pedicure 60min R 310
    Deluxe pedicure 75min R 350
    Gel Colour Add on R 180
    Gel Overlay 60min R 380
    Soak Off 30min R 180


    Eye lash tint 30min R 90
    Eye brow tint 15min R 90
    Eye brow shaping 15min R 90


    Underarms 15min R 120
    Bikini Standard 15min R 120
    Brazilian 30min R 250
    Hollywood 45min R 350
    Abdomen 15min R 120
    Back 30min R 260
    Chest 15min R 120
    Half arm 15min R 120
    Full arm 30min R 200
    Half leg 30min R 170
    Full leg 45min R 300
    Lip/Chin 15min R 90 each
    Cheeks 15min R 120